Wednesday, October 2, 2013

DAY2. "Light"

Today Holliday went back to work which means I had my first round of
getting ready with 2 kids alone. My husband leaves the house before the sun rises but is so very thoughtful and packed Jada's lunch and loaded the car for me.
 Her clothes were already picked out and she actually came to my room
completely dressed. The little things help. A lot.
It wasn't bad juggling both and will only come with more ease. Jada asked 
to stay home tomorrow and my immediate thought was, "Oh yes, the morning won't be so rough",
but I can't do that. Ha. Must face these new challenges head on. 


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

31 Day "Photo Challenge".

The challenge of these "Photo Challenges" for me is the push to actually pick up my CAMERA, not my iPhone, and take some photos! It's like writing prompts assisting in creativity when you find yourself getting stuck.

I've been wanting to do one of these for a long time now. I initially thought of doing it via Instagram but that wouldn't help me use my camera. I've got a lot of time on my hands when I'm not tending to Aubrey and I need to employ my creative nature. Which is why I am going to try to be better about writing everyday and if not, keeping up with my Art Journal.

So day 1 of the October Photo Challenge is "Colorful". I went all day waiting to find something just right and later in the evening I thought of Aubrey's nursery and how it is the most colorful thing in the house.

We weren't too crazy about themed nurseries. So instead we went for all things boy: Robots, cars, dinosaurs, animals, spaceships, and sports. I couldn't find anything in stores for his bedding! So I went to a fabric store, got inspired, and took myself to the arts & crafts center to sew this robot bumper and black & yellow crib skirt. 

A mix of store bought and handmade art.

old fashion rocking chair > glider.

Monday, September 30, 2013


Last day of my favorite month, here you are.
It's a new season and probably my favorite. I am over Summer and its heat. They can hit the road and won't be missed. A few good TV shows start up again, including New Girl! I also turned 24 years old (wow) within the first week and Jada turned 4 the following week. I love birthdays! Interestingly enough, every week of this month I have at least 2-3 family members with a birthday.

September became far more special when Holliday and I welcomed our second child, a son, Aubrey Michael to the family on September 9th. As excited as I was to finally have a son, I was also nervous. Nervous to see him and look at the reality of another child aside Jada. It's mind blowing to have 2!

But it's also really cool to be able to say I have kids. The idea is just crazier than it truly is. It is so natural to see, hold, and love this boy. I'm looking forward to each milestone and keeping an eye out for the gifts he already has inside to bloom. I'm looking forward to watching him and Jada grow together and seeing what kind of relationship they'll have. And what kind of parents Holliday and I will grow into.

What's pretty exciting about this season is that it is totally brand new to me. I get to spend a few months taking care of this little baby. It's a blessing to not have to go right back to work this time and to be available. I have a feeling I am about to discover some new things about myself and what I want in life. 

Thursday, June 20, 2013


I have taken the summer "off" for a few reasons. Mainly because I had a very stressful Spring semester in school and with this new baby coming , I felt extra pressure to finish as much as I could and then decided that it's bogus to think like that. There is no reason whatsoever that I need to rush through school. Some days I miss structure and schedule and then I have to tell myself that I am blessed with this season in life. I get to have this time with Jada while she is still an only child and take a breather to do things we enjoy. I will come out of this refreshed with a new perspective and having a better understanding of what Meggan's next move is. Until then...


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

5 Years Post HS Graduation.

After the graduation ceremony was over I think I kind of stood around alone and looked around at everything. I believe I was either numb or severely underwhelmed. My best friend and I didn't even get a single picture together. I have like 9 signatures in my yearbook, probably all from Drama Club :). I hold all those teen movies in the 90s responsible for all of my High School disappointments!
Perhaps we're told that those are the greatest years of our lives because our responsibilities are limited to just ourselves for the most part. I will reevaluate the "best years" once life has truly past. None of us know. I can appreciate everything about those times but feel that these current times are better simultaneously. 

5 Years later
I am married
I am a mama of 1 and another soon to come
I consider God's will for my life and not just my own
I am more secure
I am in the Army Reserves
I live in :P
I don't go to the beach nearly enough
I am still wearing clothes from High School
I keep in touch with the tiniest handful of old friends
I can cook!
I still love to make things pretty.


Thursday, May 30, 2013


This summer has started on a great note. We had an amazing Memorial Day weekend in which I was able to have my husband home for four days straight. Score. We made the most of each day and spent some good time with some good people. 
This is the first time it has felt like a "summer break" in a very long time. After fighting with myself on whether not I was going to attend school this summer, I made the decision to put some credits on hold, take Jada out of her little people school program, and make the most out of this summer with her in the last season that she is an only child. 
I just want to be calm, happy, and fulfilled with the people and activities that make me happy. I wrote down in my journal this morning: What do I want out of this season? How do I want to come out and what will be accomplish? I haven't answered it just yet but I do know it is a time for growth. And I don't just mean this roundness on my abdomen. 

Oh yes and plenty of Art.

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Alabama surprised me with how long it stayed chilly. I remember swimming in springs in February growing up in Florida.  Thank God for warmer temps. 

I haven't touched this blog since December ish? I feel like the cold months make me not want to do much, let alone move. I felt like a total bum because all I could wear to stay warm were a bunch of layers that I couldn't care about matching. Toasty and cozy took precedence over style. I know it does not have to be that way so I shall be prepared for you next time, Winter!

There's a lot of great movement happening in not just this obvious "season", but this season of life.